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May 2016
Started planning to restore the lake to a minimum depth of 6 feet, rebuild the boat launch area and restore the beach. 

June 2016
Public information and planning meeting held at Barneveld Library.

October 2016
Unincorporated non-profit "Friends of  Birch Lake Association" formed. Cost estimate to restore the dam is $170,000. Formal plan submitted to DNR for review. 

November 2016
Presentations of plan made to Village of Barneveld, Brigham Township, Iowa County Board and other local and area groups. 

January 2017
Iowa County Board applies and later receives approval for river grant ($10,000 maximum) to commission another study to remove the dam. 

February 2017

Friend of Birch Lake Association receives approval from DNR for their plan to restore the lake. 

March 2017

Friends of Birch Lake initiates fund drive. 

May 2017

Friends of Birch Lake presents plan with funding results to the Iowa County Board.

The Friends of Birch Lake 

is a tax-exempt, unincorporated, nonprofit association dedicated to saving and improving Birch Lake.

Board of Directors

Douglas Carden, President

Joanne Manteufel, Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer

Rick Anderson, Member at Large

Jen Bronsdon, Member at Large

Marcia Thompson, Member at Large

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